Why is video production important in marketing?

By Mohamad AlMardini,

Today, you have established a new business, and no one knows what services you give to the world. You are anxious to earn the confidence and happiness of your audience, but they are unaware of your existence! How would you encourage people to look at your work? How are you going to persuade them to enjoy it quickly so that your brand can create an impression on your followers and competitors? Will you be able to get a good return on your time, energy, and money in a reasonable amount of time? Don’t worry, that’s what this high-tech game is for.

Despite the many challenges and competitions, marketing has become more fun and the largest spread in this age of speed, and with the increase in technical development to a large extent. All you have to do is invest innovative minds, more time, and greater creativity because the best solution is based on your reliance on video technology over the Internet and social networking sites. Here is a set of statistics that proves that the entire world is moving towards video as a high-impact format for followers and helps to gain more potential and real customers than any other form of content:

  • 87% of online marketers use videos as part of their marketing strategies.
  • About a third of the interaction and user behaviour on the Internet is related to watching videos.
  • Revenues for companies that rely on video for their promotion grow 49% faster than those that do not.
  • 64% of consumers buy after watching a video posted by the company on social media.

As for the effectiveness of the video on the content to be marketed There are several things that we should highlight your interest in:

  • Video-based content helps tell stories better, as it is more fun and entertaining than others, and basically enhances the delivery of marketing messages. Whatever video method you choose, facilitates the transfer of information and details related to the product, which leads to greater purchase opportunities, and everyone who watches the video is considered a potential customer of your product or service.
  • Video marketing also provides great opportunities to improve your site performance and increase conversion rates. By including a video on your site, you can effectively reduce bounce rates and increase conversions on important landing pages such as the home page, products, or services page…
  • Well-filmed videos and provide unique content to customers that increase the credibility of the brand in the market. In an increasingly competitive market, it is very important to think about gaining consumer loyalty, and of course, videos will help you with that.
  • The pages that contain videos get a good ranking in the search results, and this, in turn, increases traffic and access to the site, so that the rate of visits grows significantly. In addition, all the practices and techniques related to SEO that are applied to texts also apply to videos. You may not have heard of this before, but let us tell you that video marketing and the efforts you put into it will effectively and positively affect the readiness of your site to appear in search engines. According to Comscore, adding a video to your website increases the chance of it appearing on the first page of search results 53 times. But this requires applying the command correctly, and not just include any video.
  • Video is the most powerful way to evoke emotions, simply because it presents a large number of qualities that are not presented by other types of traditional content, such as the tone of the voice, facial expressions, music, and others. Which in turn leads to more interaction with what you offer.
  • Since people tend to click more on an ad containing a video and interact with the displayed content, then we can come to a conclusion that proves the importance of video for marketing, as it motivates viewers to click on it.

In the end, you, like others, watch the videos on your lunch break, in the elevator, in your bed, and also while waiting for your transportation. When you use the video marketing tool within your plan and use it professionally, you are providing a great service to your business, your audience, and your customers. You can always look for our Video Production services and learn how Flick do the work perfectly and who knows, maybe you will be part of our achievements.

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Flick agency is a creative digital marketing hub, in Dubai – UAE, that manages all your digital platforms, The flickers are determined to lead your business to success and make your work glow like the sun in the digital world. The team gathers the best specialist marketers, designers and award winners in directing and filming from across the globe only to fulfill your marketing needs and light up the path ahead glory. You can find us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook to know more about our work.

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