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Walk into our studios, sink into a sofa and start talking.
Take your recording home with you at the end of your session.


    Camera Setup

    The Spotlight is Yours

    A solo podcast setup lets your voice take the center stage.
    Have the freedom to express your thoughts & expertise without interruptions.


    Camera Setup

    Click It with Flick

    Craft visually compelling episodes that hold viewers’ attention, driving
    longer engagement and shareability across platforms.



    Visually Immersive Podcast Experience

    A great video doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a village of creative
    and talented cinematographers & video editors to produce a jaw-dropping
    video that stands out.

    Know More About Flick Studio

    Flexible Studio Timing

    Our studio rental is available for half day or full day bookings.
    We accommodate photo & video studio bookings on all days of the week from 9am – 9pm.

    With Lighting

    Our studio rental includes professional lighting set-up at no additional cost. The Flickers will help you set-up the perfect lighting for each shot.

    Talented Crew

    The Flick Team is a bunch of highly skilled and creative individuals that are ready to assist you throughout your studio space rental with us.

    Creative Studio

    The Flick Studio has a workshop space available to collaborate on creative ideas and develop your vision into a cohesive and unique output.

    Studio Specifications

    • Variety of Backdrops
    • Professional Lighting
    • Tripods and Stands

    Our Cameras

    • Nikon M3
    • GoPro
    • Ozmo
    • Drone
    • Canon R5
    • Canon R6
    • Canon 5D

    Sound & Accessories

    • Senheiser Pro Mic
    • Product Boxes
    • Camera Monitor Preview
    • Hand and Neck Mic
    • BOYA Wire Mic
    • DJI Ronin
    • Astera Holder
    • Memory Cards and Spare Batteries

    Studio Amenities

    • Free WiFi
    • Workshop/Brainstorming Space
    • Free Beverages
    • Furniture and Props

    Step Inside the
    Flick Studio

    Our Clients

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    Embrace the power of audio and visual storytelling. Flick Global’s
    Podcast Studio produces content that is relevant and resonates
    with a diverse audience.