About us

A creative agency that manages, produces and creates all your content and digital platforms fully, creatively, passionately done in-house.

Founded in 2020 by the media pioneer Mohamad Mardini and the co-founder Yazan Al-Assadi

Flick’s team gathers industry-leading specialists hand picked from across the globe combining innovation and imagination to serve you out of this world products.

Our Philosophy

We aspire to accomplish the impossible confidently exceeding our clients’ expectations. we believe that all ideas are valuable, they only need the right medium and the appropriate team to bring these ideas to life, at the end of the day media is not an industry, it’s a way of living so make sure you’re living right.

Our Mission & Vision

Leverage our fathomless expertise and significant comprehension of our own client’s business domain areas to create tailored-fit solutions that fulfill their needs. driven by performance and exceptional returns, we consistently deliver groundbreaking and tangible impact, shown from strong relationships built with your long-lasting customers.

Our Goals

01. Top the list of UAE’s creative hubs and lead start-ups and youth projects in the region by always pursuing innovation.

02. Go the distance in your shoes.

03. Think local at heart, global at mind and let success make the noise of your business.