Top 5 Video Editing Trends You Can’t Miss in 2022

By Mohamad AlMardini,

Top 5 Video Editing Trends You Can’t Miss in 2022

If you are looking for a superhero solution for your wide range of video production and post-production services, you need to know the answers of the most common questions about the latest video editing trends!

What’s trending in the video production market these days? What do viewers want to see? Animation, storytelling, extra short clips, or even a “Thank You” video…

The answer is hidden in being aware of the current video editing trends that can help editors optimize their videos by making the most effective edits to appeal to different types of viewers.

In this blog, Flick will talk about the top video editing trends and all the details that concern you about video editing and more.

What Is Video Editing?

Video editing is one of the key phases of post-production. It’s the process of putting together production images, and inserting special effects, text, subtitles, and sound recordings to generate fresh creative material. The output can be in the form of film, animation, and various forms of digital marketing content, ranging in length from a few seconds to an entire film.

Video editing is a crucial process in both the movie and entertainment industries, as well as it’s a necessary skill in the digital world.

The primary purpose of video editing is to blend images and sounds to make us feel emotionally connected and sometimes as we truly there in the video we’re watching. This allows the intended message to be delivered to the target audience more effectively.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Top 5 Video Editing Trends in 2022:

1. Live Video Streaming:

Live video streaming is one of the biggest trends in video production nowadays. Social media platforms and YouTube are now overcrowded with videos. In addition to that, live-streaming videos have enhanced customer engagement. It has been found that live videos are more fascinating for viewers compared to recorded ones. In such video presentations, the viewers can interact with the presenter, which in turn boosts engagement.

Remember that to get your product known, you need to share clear messages. We advise you to include all the information about your product in your commercial videography, and take the time to write your texts beforehand.

Editing live videos in real-time is an entirely challenging mission, Live video editing is also known as real-time video editing. It is a form of video editing where the image is not pre-recorded. It has always been common in TV production, but it’s becoming popular on social media as well.

2. 4k Videos Are Trendy Right Now:

You would need to use the most up-to-date video tools, such as Final Cut Pro X, Pinnacle Studio, and Power Director, in addition to having the necessary hardware, computer space, and processing power to edit 4K videos. Additionally, creators are now able to provide fantastic quality results. In addition to offering a high-definition visual experience, 4K videos can keep their color and vitality.

As a result, it can surely create some compelling content for marketers and influencers to transform raw footage into an appealing final cut.

However, if you plan to film in 4K, you should hire Flick video production team , who will provide you with all video production services, from filming to editing.

3. The Videos Must Be in Form of Visual Storytelling:

Video editing is the part of the visual storytelling procedure that allows you to edit and set the color grading, sound, lighting, and rhythm of your film to produce the right mood for the message you’re trying to convey to the target audience.

it’s important to understand video production art through all social media platforms. This story feature permits the users to include animation besides making the story appealing. To make animated videos that meet your needs, there are many online video editing tools available. This storytelling format with videos is the lucrative option, as it will stick you to viewers’ hearts and minds while pushing them for some emotional feedback.

4. Short Videos

Create a short video that goes viral on social media and drives more traffic to your website. Short videos are easy and efficient in the editing process. A video should generally be no longer than 1,30 minutes (90 seconds). But isn’t that already too long? Since TikTok’s launch, short videos are increasingly in the spotlight. The other social media platforms have all adopted the trend by offering formats similar to the Tiktok application: YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels… Video stories on Instagram are also short content that can quickly grab viewers’ attention. We also see that some companies, like Cartier, can provide long content before converting it into a trailer (a condensed version).

5. Video Subtitling

It is advised that you add subtitles to your videos so that anyone, anywhere can watch them. This is because more and more people are using their mobile devices to watch videos without sound. When the recording is played, that text will be displayed in segments that are timed to correspond with specific words as they are spoken, allowing anyone to view the video and understand its content without having to turn on the sound.

You can quickly edit, caption, and share your videos by adding subtitles that match your audio and formatting them for YouTube, TikTok, or any other social media platform. After learning about all of the video editing trends, you can see how the world creates masterpieces in video production in minutes! So, if you are on board with us, and searching for the perfect video production house in Dubai, then just contact us for amazing video production and complete visual post-production and sound design services.

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