The Economic Impact Of The Covid-19

By Mohamad AlMardini,

The Volume Focuses On Assessing The Potential Impacts Of The Novel Virus On The Global Economy. Indeed, Most Of The Studies’ Concerning The Pandemic Have Primarily Focused On Health Impacts, As Such; The Economic Consequences Have Received Little Attention. The Infection Has Multiple Economic Effects That Are Threat To World Nations That Have Created A Culture Of Interconnections Facilitated By Legal Agreements.

China Is Among The Countries That Maintain The Global Economy Through The Production Of Intermediate Products, Essential In Different Manufacturing Industries. The Township Of Wuhan, Which Has Been Documented As The Epicenter Of COVID-19 Houses Multiple Factories That Manufacture A Variety Of Products For Domestic And Global Consumption.

Following The Government Directions, Most Companies Ceased Their Operationalization, Which Has Dramatically Affected Other Companies That Rely On Electronic And Pharmaceutical Products. Financial Markets In Different Nations Continue To Suffer As The Pandemic Continues To Ravage In Different Countries With A Skyrocketing Mortality Rate Creating Uncertainties. Therefore, There Is A Need To Implement More Proactive Procedures To Combat The Disease And Restore Normalcy In The Global Spectrum, Reducing The Increased Health And Financial Impacts.

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The Economic Impact Of The Covid-19
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