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Interesting Statistics & Guidelines will Make Animated Videos your First Choice for Marketing.

Because of its excellent strength in attracting the target audience and developing a large customer base, animated content has become the latest trend in digital marketing campaigns; this has made businesses in all industries eager to use it as an efficient marketing tactic. Here comes the importance of 2D, 3D, Motion and Infographics animation in advertising videos, as they are always a complementary element to delivering compelling stories. Its usefulness has evolved in recent years, particularly in web design and digital marketing; it is now used to convey the benefits of products and services in a simple and engaging way. Despite the animation and visuals’ seeming simplicity, their impact extends beyond their appealing and cheerful colors and designs!

But first, let’s take a closer look at some of Flick’s best practices to get you inspired to start creating animated videos for your audience.

What Is the Art of Animation?

It is a method of photographing threesomes in a quick sequence that creates the illusion of movement. The animation ranges from 2D Animation to 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Stop-Motions. It’s a type of short video that has a specific objective, such as conveying an idea or explaining the purpose of advertising videos. The purpose of creating animation videos is to make your point clearer with an iconic look of sketching and character design as animation can be used in practically any field to communicate your idea in an effective and convincing manner to learn, educate, promote, and more.

What Are the Advantages of Using Animated Videos to Promote your Business?

  • Video animation piques people’s curiosity. It’s a great way to reach out to potential clients in these days of diminishing attention spans. The spectator does not have to become tired of extended textual information when using video animation

  • Animated Video is the finest way to tell a brilliant story. The truth is that 72 % of people tend to learn through video rather than text. Turn your brand story into a video if you want to tell it impressively.

  • Animated video content has an extraordinary ability to transform complex content such as data and numbers into information that is easy to understand and comprehend by the viewer.

  • With the help of animated characters, you can utilize jokes, entertainment, and feelings to build a long-term relationship and strong connection between your business and consumers; also, these characters linger in the memory for a long time.

  • When compared to other marketing tactics, creating animated advertising takes less time and money.

Top 7 Animated Videos Marketing Statistics

In the digital world, animation videos have been shown to be a highly effective type of marketing video. It’s an amusing way to make your brand stick in the minds of viewers.

Here’s why you should have animated videos for your business in 2022:

  • A video on your landing page can elevate your conversion rate by more than as 80%. ( Unbounce)

  • Approximately half of the viewers look for a product or service-related video on the online platform before making a purchase. (Hubspot)

  • Viewers would spend 2.6 times more engagement on a webpage with a video on average so One-third of all online activity is made up of videos. (Siteefy)

  • On Twitter, video is the fastest-growing type of advertising. (Twitter)

  • 52 percent of marketers think video content has the best return on investment. (Hubspot)

  • 92% of viewers share interesting videos with their friends and family. (RENDRFX)

  • Posting social media videos can increase the average conversion rate to 9.21%. (thesparkhouse)

What Are the Different Styles of Animated Videos?

Flick prioritizes creating animated content by designing high-quality- videos, selecting appropriate words and scripts, and then recording sounds in a professional manner to match moving images with a professional montage in order to increase people’s brand awareness by shaping an idea stuck in their minds about the product or service being marketed. Here, Flick will show you the different styles of animated videos presented by our excellent team:

  • Motion Graphics Video:

    A motion graphic video is one that uses motion graphics, design, and animation in a certain way to represent a specific idea, product, or service, and then selects a script that fits the animation in the video and recordings sounds. It generally has two objectives: an educational objective and a commercial or marketing one.

  • Animation Video:

    It involves the specific and accurate movement of visual elements or sections of these elements within studied time limits. These animation videos are available in 2D or 3D styles. This type is used to make cartoon characters and animations, as well as to precisely explain any product.

    Are you seeking a trustworthy and creative team with experience in creating animated videos for your business? Flick is constantly excited to take on new challenges and work with new projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how our team’s corporate skills and creativity can help your company develop long-term relationships with customers through extraordinary animated videos!

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