9 secret keys to build a professional e-commerce website design

By Mohamad AlMardini,

As customers, one of the most important aspects they evaluate when deciding where to spend their money is the design of a website. When it comes to assessing a company’s trustworthiness, 48% of consumers look at its website design. If a website’s design isn’t focused on the user experience and hence isn’t enjoyable or easy to use, visitors will quickly dismiss the company as unprofessional. To ensure that visitors are satisfied with your website and feel that you are a diligent worker, we have created a list of 9 important design principles especially for you that will help you achieve the perfect website design:

  • Create a user-friendly website User-friendliness is a requirement when it comes to e-commerce websites. Customers must be able to browse your website easily to make purchases. The objective of your product should be clearly stated on the site, and the Call to Action to Get Started is a simple link to learn more about purchasing. Enables the customer to simply go to what they’re looking for by using a dropdown menu on the homepage. Dropdown menus keep a website structured and make a homepage less crowded.
  • Create a safe checkout method If your website allows customers to shop, make sure they recognize that their credit card information is secure. You may accomplish this in a few different ways. This can be included in an “info” button” which is excellent for giving secure checkout information. You can also declare the checkout security more clearly on your website by putting it in a paragraph at the top of your “Order” page, which might be useful to website customers who are careful about making online purchases.
  • Create a filtering option Filtering options are popular with customers since they make it easier to find products, items, and services. They’re a must-have for any e-commerce business. Make sure the categories in your filtering system are broad enough to cover all of your items while still being specific enough to be helpful to users. If you have any special offers, list them in their own category. Customers who know exactly what they want don’t have to browse through a lot of options to find it.
  • Include customer service skills An automated Chat bot that answers FAQs about your products or services is one example of customer support capabilities. Instead, you may have a fully-fleshed-out support page on your website that provides more product, items, and service information. This area contains no-cost free information about your company. If you sell a product or service with features that require a bit more explanation, it’s beneficial to give resources like these to customers.
  • Use the proper Content Management System It’s necessary to get the right software to assist you to manage your e-commerce site. All of the functions should be supported by software that is quick and easy to use for you and your team. It should be able to handle responsive designs, customer service, and forms, as well as allowing you to manage them all in one place.
  • Invent new ways to describe your products Make your product descriptions interesting and engaging if you want to keep your consumers happy. The exciting website content shouldn’t stop on the homepage; make sure your brand’s personality is maintained throughout the entire site. The description starts to explain the product’s features and ends with a hook to effectively sell the product to clients. Begin with an interesting introduction. Then, highlight some key aspects of your product that distinguish it from competitors. Finally, illustrate how the product will improve the customer’s quality of life.
  • Add social media buttons to your product pages Your e-commerce website’s social media icons increase your brand awareness. Customers may promote your products on social media with their friends and family, increasing your visibility to a wider audience.
  • Use your customers’ voices to promote your items The customer’s voice should be prominently displayed on your website. It provides potential customers an idea of how the product or service may benefit them from the perspective of previous customers, which is likely more trustworthy than a product description from the firm itself. If you approach loyal customers about providing a recommendation for your product or service, they’ll feel that their voice matters to your company, which is a huge benefit of adding reviews to your site.
  • Create a mobile-friendly version of your website By 2021, it is anticipated that worldwide smartphone sales would have reached $350 billion. This is why ensuring your e-commerce site is mobile-friendly for client satisfaction. Customers are increasingly making purchases on their smartphones, so having a site that is suited for a phone screen makes shopping simple and enjoyable.

It is critical to understand the distinction between web design and web development to avoid the mistaken belief that a web designer and a web developer are interchangeable.

However, knowing how to design and organize your website is not enough. You will also need to understand how different websites and software work at a business level. As a result, we advise you to work with a specialized digital media agency where you can get your website design managed from scratch, and Flick will be there for you.

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