Post Production

Our highly skilled team provides complete visual postproduction and sound design workflow, producing award-winning work for UAE & international clients in advertising, feature film, animation, and all types of digital marketing content required; We can adapt any concept or idea into a contemporary audiovisual production ranging from broadcasting design or identity to commercial and promos.

Photo Retouching

By stylizing color correction, airbrushing, skin texture retouching, resolving highlighting issues, adding highlights, enhancing backdrop, and everything else that images may require, from skin touch-up work to green screen background removal; In order for Flick team to deliver stunning photos and create ultimate images for your projects, allowing you to proudly showcase your content.

Video Editing

Our video editing team can provide fast high-quality turnarounds tailored to your needs, deadlines, and budge. We can tailor the project to suit your business case; as consumers require different sorts of content and different types of content depending on their level of development, our video production team is capable of literally traveling continents and making film and video for a wide range of business case scenarios.
We don’t just produce high-quality video material; we help our clients in developing the best visual narrative for their brand.

Color grading

We will help you breathe fresh life into your project using the latest color science techniques, whether it is a documentary, narrative film, event, or corporate video production.
We make your project look like a Hollywood production video by utilizing a highly competent colorist team and giving the video the identity your project requires; color grading production is the key to forming the concept in your mind to reality.

Visual effects (VFX)

You can dream as big as you want to because Flick can make all dreams come true by generating the illusion of live-action film within a setting that is barely impossible. We can provide on-set monitoring, photogrammetry, and HDRI data gathering once VFX work begins. We can help you visualize important shots and sequences before a turnover by providing post visualization and look development support. Once production begins in earnest, we will be able to provide a full spectrum of VFX, CGI, and FX services (FX smoke, water, fire, rain).

Audio mixer

When it comes to mixing, Flick has the perfect sound engineers who can produce clear voiceovers for your commercial, so smoothly, considering the perfect timing with the music in the background and any other sound effect that may be added to the video.
You will enjoy a full video from all aspects when it’s produced by Flick team because we never miss a thing, we take care of your video to make it amusing, interesting and yet informing and unforgettable for your audience.

Sound effects (SFX)

In our studio, we can travel with you to any place you desire; our sound effects production is the magical secret that makes the video you are watching as vivid as if you are present in the action.
We pay close attention to every detail in the film, and the effects we use are realistic enough that you can feel what you are hearing.
This is what brings our videos so near to reality.

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