Public Relations

Flick tells your story to create the authenticity that your target audience desires; we conduct multi-channel, cross-border campaigns with obsessive attention to detail. Furthermore, the capacity to provide all media support to your business.

Flick gathers the most experienced news handlers and storytellers.

Media Support

We create a healthy appearance for your business, documenting all your steps and achievements, publishing internationally and locally news.

Press releases

We follow your steps and make sure to spot the lights on your achievements, by writing and publishing various news release through traditional and online media channels, in addition to different social media platforms, and we manage to reach audience not only across UAE but over the Middle East too.


What is better than being fully prepared during events to answer every possible question?
We got this for you; our fully trained team is a step ahead of the press to show the best version of your work.

Media Relations

Flick’s wealthy connections can benefit your business; we are as friendly as we are serious about reaching the top.
We make every effort to enrich our relationships in order to expand your active involvement.

Crisis Management

Success creates heaters, and rumors are going to strike on you to beat you down to failure, But! Flick is here for you, we will prepare you to protect your work against misleading information or negative publicity to deal with all critical questions from the media during a crisis.

Media Monitoring

We work on showing your brand’s performance across media channels, and we give the best solutions tailored to your company’s needs and objectives.
We are enabling you to make better-informed business decisions.

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