You should be interested! 4 Tips You Need to Make the Best Commercial videography in Dubai

By Mohamad AlMardini,

You should be interested! 4 Tips You Need to Make the Best Commercial videography in Dubai

The act of commercial videography has been around for years, and like everything else in life, it has evolved, and commercial video production has become not only an existing thing but also a huge player in the marketing world nowadays.

Commercial videography can briefly describe your product through efficient product videography and e-commerce videography, or it can deliver a compelling brand promise and inspire a straightforward call to action.

Commercial video used to be broadcast on TV, but with the advancement of technology, it is now broadcast on YouTube, social media, websites, and TV.

If you need to reach a larger audience and are looking to increase brand awareness, we recommend that you invest in commercial video production and make perfect commercial videography via television, but how do you make a success of your commercial videography in Dubai?

Get inspired by Flick tips through this blog post.

1. Identify your Commercial Videography Goals

When we talk about e-commerce videography, product videography, or commercial videography, we immediately think of the presentation of a product. Opting for this communication tool is meant to help you make your product known, but it is also your best asset if you need to reassure your customers when they buy the product. Commercial videography is now regarded as the greatest way to draw in more clients, so this is no longer new. The video’s dynamism allowed it to conquer previous forms of marketing. Using product videography to describe your product is a smart and appealing idea.

94% of marketers agree that involving video content has increased consumer knowledge of a brand or service. Just after customers comprehend what your product does and how it will benefit them, they will purchase it.

Therefore, consumers would rather watch an engaging commercial video than read a text or look at a picture describing the product. Commercial videography has a lot of benefits, so before beginning your project, we advise you to comprehend your E-commerce videography goal.

This is advice that should not be overlooked if you want to succeed with your marketing strategy. Defining your goal does not happen overnight; you have to take the time to avoid unpleasant surprises. Take advantage of this step to find the distribution channel you want to use to help you get the fame you aspire to.

Do not hesitate to contact Flick team, who cooperates with the best TV channels like MBC, Zee Aflam, and ALAN TV.

2. Define the Commercial Videography Script Well

As mentioned above, the production of e-commerce videography, product videography, or commercial videography offers you the possibility of meeting a large number of assets. The main advantage of this solution is that it is quite capable of helping you communicate with your customers. This is how you will gain the trust of your consumers. However, to achieve this, you must send clear and understandable messages to your customers. For this reason, we advise you to define your script well. This step is vital to starting your commercial videography. During this step, we recommend that you prepare your commercial videography script.

Remember that to get your product known, you need to share clear messages. We advise you to include all the information about your product in your commercial videography, and take the time to write your texts beforehand.

Take advantage of this step to find out if you need a voiceover, if so, we advise you to collaborate with film production company in Dubai which has a perfect command of the subject.

Flick media production is here to help you bring your vision to life; from brainstorming and creating storyboards to scriptwriting and video production, our talented video production team will be there for you to get a unique commercial videography in Dubai from A-Z.

3. Find The Suitable Type for Your Video Production

Once you’ve finished preparing the script, it’s time to choose the type of commercial video production. It is important to let you know that, when carrying out this step, a wide choice of types is available to you. We, there

Accordingly, we recommend that you choose between:

  • The spot
  • The explainer
  • The product demonstration
  • The company culture video
  • The behind-the-scenes video
  • The customer testimonial video
  • The employee portrait video
  • The web series
  • The branded mini-documentary
  • The branded short film

To help you choose the type of videography for your e-commerce videography, consider your purpose. If you plan to produce a classic kind of video production between 15 and 30 seconds, you can use spot commercial videography. This is the best solution if you want to make quality product videography or commercial videography. As for the explainer videography type, you can use it if you want your consumers to know the specifications of your product or your brand. To do this, you highlight in your film the benefits that a customer may have. Don’t forget to add more details or information about your product.

Regardless of the type of video production you choose, prefer commercial videography with a short format to capture the customer’s attention. No matter what video production type you want for your business—whether it’s E-commerce videography, product videography or commercial videography. Flick video production team can do it all and exceed your expectations.

4. Create Commercial Videography Editing

4. Create Commercial Videography Editing Once you’ve made your commercial videography, it’s time to move on to editing. Know that good editing is the key to the success of your commercial videography. To highlight your product, nothing prevents you from opting for the addition of a small sound in the background to allow your audience to relax while watching your commercial videography. Subtitles are also recommended if you have decided to watch a video without sound.

It is the editing that ensures the quality of your commercial videography. We therefore recommend that you take a lot more time in carrying out your assembly, and in order to help you carry out this operation, various tools are available to you. You can also trust countless applications that are offered on the sites of some professionals, some could even help you film and edit your commercial videos.

To avoid making editing mistakes that may miss the previous steps, Flick team is here to accomplish visual post production and sound design workflow, and video editing that you have never seen before. Your work deserves a creative team that appreciates its value and highlights it in the best way possible to your target audience.

Ready to Get Started with Your Own Commercial Video Production?

First of all, take a look at our commercial videography work then move on to the next step and get started by visiting our contact us page and filling out a brief form. You can also call us by phone at +971-4-576-6770/ +971-55-983-7007. Once we learn more about your project, we’ll prepare a formal proposal explaining our detailed approach to commercial video production with a line item cost.

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About Flick commercial videography services

A commercial video is a short-form video that concisely presents your product, service, or brand promise via the television medium. Commercial video goal is to increase brand loyalty and encourage people to take action or to remind the consumer audience of the product’s existence to create a continuous demand over time. Our videographer team makes an emotional connection with the viewer using a professional voice talent and a high level of manufacturing quality. When you want to reach a bigger audience and boost brand awareness, Flick videographers team provides you top-quality commercial videography services in Dubai and UAE!

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