WordPress 6.0: Top 9 New Features and Improvements in 2022

By Mohamad AlMardini,

As a professional web developer, have you seen the latest version of WordPress 6.0 that was recently released on May 24, 2022? Did you know that the release includes more than 500 improvements and 400 bug fixes intended to make your content creation and website development experience with WordPress even better? In this blog, find out what’s new and noteworthy in WordPress 6.0 so that you can maximize the benefits of using WordPress’ most recent version.

  • Before Updating: Remember to run a backup of your site!

  • Before running a major WordPress core update, be sure to back up your website. We recommend making a full backup that includes your WordPress database, WordPress files, themes, plugins, media library, etc., before updating.

  • Before switching to WordPress 6.0, keep in mind to back up some crucial sections of your website:

    • WordPress database
    • WordPress files
    • Themes
    • plugins
    • Media library

    WordPress 6.0 contains a number of features and changes that underline the value of having a good backup plan once again. Block editor improvements Block Editor updates bring new features, fixes, and more to the Block Editor, including several new blocks. WordPress 6.0 incorporates notable additions from Gutenberg 12.1 – 13.0 into the WordPress core.

    1. Block Lock Commands

    Now you can lock blocks in the block editor. This feature is designed to make it easier for customers to manage sites, especially if some blocks don’t need to be editable.

    2. Pick Text from Several Blocks

    Finally, now you can select and copy text that spans multiple blocks. If you frequently use the block editor, you are aware of Gutenberg’s limitations as a text editor. This usability improvement is a necessary change to bridge the gap between Gutenberg as a block editor and Gutenberg as a text editor.

    3. List view improvements

    The list view just keeps getting better! Gutenberg 6.0 includes some enhancements to improve the block editor experience for List View.

    4. New color panel and improved color picker

    To reduce clutter in the design tools sidebar and improve the user experience, WordPress 6.0 adds a new color picker based on drop-down lists. The new color picker makes it easier to choose a few colors back to back, improving the color editing experience and unifying controls with other design tools. This new color panel design takes up less space while still providing a quick overview of your options.

    5. Overview of block styles

    The way block styles are displayed in the sidebar has modified in WordPress 6.0. The style name, which is already visible when hovering over a style or when you have keyboard focus on that style, now appears above the preview. This reduces the overall height of the sidebar and draws attention to the name of each block style.

    6. New block transform options

    The “Transform to” option for blocks is an incredibly useful if you need to quickly modify your blocks when editing content or creating a page. WordPress 6.0 adds new block transformation options including:

    • Tag Cloud
    • Categories
    • Calendar
    • Archives
    • Paragraph
    • Code
    • Group

    7. New Page Templates

    Complete site editing with a block-based theme unlocks the ability to edit site templates. In WordPress, code files have traditionally controlled how important parts of your site are structured and styled.

    8. Code Editor now available in Site Editor

    Now you can see what’s going on behind the scenes when using the site editor. The option to switch to the code editor is part of WordPress 6.0.

    9. WordPress 6.0’s accessibility updates

    The impressive list of accessibility improvements in WordPress 6.0 includes:

    • General
    • Navigation block
    • Blocks
    • List display
    • Media
    • Quick/bulk edit
    • Login and registration
    • Themes

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