Why you must use photography in marketing?

By Mohamad AlMardini,

Have you ever imagined browsing the Internet and just finding texts and words?

Isn’t it a scary idea? The internet will be dull and worthless, especially if you’re shopping online and can’t identify anything to assist you in finding what you’re searching for!

With the advancement of technology and the many preoccupations and lack of time, it has become difficult to find the right time to shop in markets and look for the product or service that customers require, which made them resort to online shopping and choosing what they want more comfortably in less time.

However, you should be aware that your clients will not be able to learn about the products and services you offer online if you don’t present high-quality photos that convey and illustrate their features; after all, no one wants to buy a fish in the sea!

Therefore, you can’t just write a detailed explanation about your products! You must make efforts to attract the audience’s attention, particularly when providing new services and you must rely on the most effective methods that simulate customers’ minds and arouse their curiosity to try what you offer them, allowing them to imagine using the product so that they can build their impressions.

So, because the internet market is now overtaking the conventional market, you need to take care of your digital appearance just as much as you do in your physical shop.

It’s obvious that professional photography is your method to arouse the audience’s interest and answering all of their inquiries about your services, such as if you will add new features to fulfill their needs.

And eventually everything you add to enrich the content of your website or social media pages is mirrored in the items and services you offer, and it helps your customers form their initial impression before making a purchase decision.

This will enhance your marketing strategies because when you pay attention to the quality of the photographs you post, you demonstrate to your clients that they are the center of your attention, and if the image is attractive to their eyes, they will rush to buy what they see out of the desire of trying new and interesting goods. According to statistics, your digital content reliance on images accelerates the spread of your brand even more:
  • Firms’ social media pages that post status updates containing visual content, such as photo albums, get up to 100% more engagement.
  • People remember only 10% of the content they read for three days, whereas coupling information with relevant imagery enhances recall by up to 65%..
  • 60% of consumers consider dealing with businesses that display a photo of their work process on search results pages.
  • 58% of people become more interested in brands and products after seeing them in social media stories and updates.
  • Articles with relevant images get 94% more views than articles without images.
  • According to 67% of consumers, the quality of the product photo is very significant in the product selection and purchasing process.
  • 44% of web surfers give up reading a page unless they contain clear and satisfying images.
  • Press releases that contain images receive 40% more views than text-only versions.
  • liMarketing experts confirmed that marketers achieve their goals through visual content using stored images 13% more while using original product images with the help of photography professionals generate 40% more profits.
  • Visitors’ responses and interactions improved by 35% after using actual customers photos compared to the high-quality stored images.
  • If photography can boost the number of readers by 94%, then adding photographs is the simplest and most effective way to reach more readers, and serve your brand while meeting your marketing strategies objectives.


Last but not least, attracting new clients is heavily reliant on trust, and building this trust, requires forming stronger bonds and deeper connections; Well, realistic and high-quality images and professional photographs allow you to share parts of your business spirit, your company, and your personality with your customers and that’s how you step in forward to gain the audience trust.


If you are still hesitant to hire a professional photographer to assist you in reaching your goals, we hope that we provided reasonable answers and motivated you to take the plunge, as the correct use of photography in an elaborate, professional, and consistent manner is not only a successful investment but also the best return profits on trading continues interests. You can always look for our Photography services and learn how Flick do the work perfectly and who knows, maybe you will be part of our achievements.
  • Video-based content helps tell stories better, as it is more fun and entertaining than others, and basically enhances the delivery of marketing messages. Whatever video method you choose, facilitates the transfer of information and details related to the product, which leads to greater purchase opportunities, and everyone who watches the video is considered a potential customer of your product or service.
  • Video marketing also provides great opportunities to improve your site performance and increase conversion rates. By including a video on your site, you can effectively reduce bounce rates and increase conversions on important landing pages such as the home page, products, or services page…
  • Well-filmed videos and provide unique content to customers that increase the credibility of the brand in the market. In an increasingly competitive market, it is very important to think about gaining consumer loyalty, and of course, videos will help you with that.
  • The pages that contain videos get a good ranking in the search results, and this, in turn, increases traffic and access to the site, so that the rate of visits grows significantly. In addition, all the practices and techniques related to SEO that are applied to texts also apply to videos. You may not have heard of this before, but let us tell you that video marketing and the efforts you put into it will effectively and positively affect the readiness of your site to appear in search engines. According to Comscore, adding a video to your website increases the chance of it appearing on the first page of search results 53 times. But this requires applying the command correctly, and not just include any video.
  • Video is the most powerful way to evoke emotions, simply because it presents a large number of qualities that are not presented by other types of traditional content, such as the tone of the voice, facial expressions, music, and others. Which in turn leads to more interaction with what you offer.
  • Since people tend to click more on an ad containing a video and interact with the displayed content, then we can come to a conclusion that proves the importance of video for marketing, as it motivates viewers to click on it.

In the end, you, like others, watch the videos on your lunch break, in the elevator, in your bed, and also while waiting for your transportation.

When you use the video marketing tool within your plan and use it professionally, you are providing a great service to your business, your audience, and your customers. You can always look for our Video Production services and learn how Flick do the work perfectly and who knows, maybe you will be part of our achievements.

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