Web design and web development are completely different, let’s learn how;

By Mohamad AlMardini,


Web Design

The goal of web design is to bring ideas and digital concepts to life. Web designers build visually engaging designs based on your story or vision. As a result, they are responsible for developing the look and feel of a website. Web designers model a website layout before web developers may start building the website; much like an architect creates the plan before a house is built. The layout created by web designers is utilized to build the UX (User Experience) for the entire site. People with an insufficient grasp of the job often take the role of a web designer for granted. Designers create an overall environment that users feel welcome. They conjure up and design a blueprint for the ideal user experience. Given that they have to start from scratch, this is not an easy task. They just have a verbal or written description of what a client wants. They then take this concept and turn it into a usable web design. As a result, it suffices to say that the success of every web project is heavily reliant on the web designer who initiated the project. Typically, web designers begin their work by examining the scope of a website, i.e. the site’s goal and focus. The designer will sketch a model website after evaluating the scope as well as the client’s features and specifications. They then create wireframes and mock-ups. The final design of a website typically includes the layout of the web pages, font, iconography, and buttons, among other things. We can see from the roles played by the web designer that there is a significant distinction between web design and web development. If you are still not convinced, let’s take a look at the roles of a web developer.

Web Development

Once a website has been designed, it is handed over to web developers, who transform it into a live website. To create the final website that users see, developers use a wide range of software, tools, and languages. Web development is both specialized and complex. As a result, web developers might specialize in three sectors:

  • Front-end development is largely concerned with creating a website’s user interface. They use three key languages to design a website interface: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. In their field of work, they insert photos, use different typefaces, add animations, and build page backgrounds, among other things that improve the usability of a website.
  • Back-end development entails more complicated programming that manages numerous web page features and interactions. This aspect of development outlines how the site works and how a user achieves certain activities by utilizing the site’s capabilities. Developers in this department primarily deal with server requests and data. As a result, the developer employs server languages like ASP.NET and PHP, as well as data query languages like MySQL and SQL.
  • Front-end and back-end development are both included in full-stack development. Full-stack developers are well-versed in the tools and languages required to create a complete, fully working website from the ground up. They are well-versed in both design and user experience.

It is critical to understand the distinction between web design and web development to avoid the mistaken belief that a web designer and a web developer are interchangeable.


We quickly introduced the concept of web development in this article and then highlighted the distinctions between a web designer and a web developer to make it easier for you to select a suitable specialist based on the needs of your project. At the end, whenever you feel that your website development process needs support, you can always knock on Flicks doors. We have a great tech team who can work on enhancing your website from scratch.

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Web design and web development are completely different, let’s learn how;