Top 3 benefits of event video coverage

By Mohamad AlMardini,

Top 3 Benefits of Event Video Coverage in Dubai

Event video coverage in Dubai can’t be done professionally without thinking ahead and without hiring professionals! Weddings, anniversary parties, concerts and live performances, launching a new product or service, corporate events, inaugurations, conferences, trade shows, or even festivals, etc. Event videography in Dubai will give you opportunities to promote your business, your values, and your brand through impactful event production that will be an extremely beneficial way to help capture the memories of your special event. In this blog, Flick will bring down the curtain on the top 3 benefits of event video coverage in Dubai and why you should consider hiring an event production agency for your events.

What Is Event Video Coverage?

Event videography is a professional way to summarize and capture a particular moment. It gets the top-level view while mixing in interesting micro-level details.

Unlike the corporate film which is based on a programmed scenario and in which the scenes can be shot several times, the event video coverage aims to capture a given moment on a fixed date in the most spontaneous way.

The added value of event videography is its dynamic and spontaneous aspect. This type of event videography allows you to capture the moment and share it, especially through social platforms to increase your brand recognition and promote your business or organization.

A professionally produced event video coverage can help your company gain a positive reputation. It acts as social proof to establish your brand’s credibility and inspire much confidence. Event videography can be crucial to your business.

Top 3 benefits of event video coverage in Dubai

1. reach a wider audience through customized event production

Event video coverage is a reliable way to reach a much larger target with less effort. Some members of the community might be interested in coming to your events in person but lack the time or availability to do so. When you invest in professional event coverage, you can reach audiences you might never have reached before.

2. Boost the visibility of the event and increase engagement

When you reach more people, you engage more people, and event video coverage is a fantastic chance to promote your event. Take advantage of your event to promote it on social networks! In this way, you create engagement with your audience. In addition to giving visibility to your event, you make it easier for the public to understand the message. Thus, you humanize the relationship by creating a point of contact. No matter what kind of event you have on your calendar, Event coverage can be the motivator that gets the community talking about your event.

3. Sponsorship and Monetization

Event videography can be a great asset for generating revenue from your event and attracting industry sponsors. Event coverage in Dubai provides an opportunity for your company to appear professionally in front of entrepreneurs, as companies interested in your industry can contact you after seeing the event coverage and submitting job offers.

Would you need professional event video coverage in Dubai?

Flick team is here to capture the heart and soul of your event, not only do we offer video production for events, but we also have teams that can provide full event coverage in Dubai.

About Flick Digital Agency

Flick agency is a creative digital marketing hub, in Dubai – UAE, that manages all your digital platforms, the flickers are determined to lead your business to success and make your work glow like the sun in the digital world. The team gathers the best specialist marketers, designers, and award winners in directing and filming from across the globe only to fulfil your marketing needs and light up the path ahead glory.

About Flick event coverage services

The ability to capture event footage allows you to improve long-term performance greatly. Event videos may be utilized to impress potential event sponsors, advertise your next event effectively, and conduct successful social media campaigns. It’s a combination of a webinar, a vlog, as well as a promotional video. Event videos are extremely popular in the digital age, especially when it offers a behind-the-scenes look at a glamorous business event. To create a lasting memory for your event, Flick will record key moments such as audiences, speakers, interactions, effects, networking, interviews, and more from any angle, regardless of the venue. With Flick, your event will be fully covered.

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