Event Coverage

By Mohamad AlMardini,

7 Steps guideline for managing a successful event coverage

This blog post aims to explore some of the key elements needed to ensure a successful event coverage and event production services

1.Try to scout out the venue before the event

The earlier you can view the venue, the better. Most events will typically have some sort of rehearsal beforehand. Take notes on the performance, available power outlets, ideal camera settings, venue layout, lighting adjustments, sound system, venue restrictions, and everything else before you start shooting. As they occur to you, jot down all your notes and any further suggestions for the event coverage. You should also go through each stage of the event production in your head, from setup through event videography, event photography the event coverage to wrap.

2.Get there early

To perform a successful event coverage, get there early. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, communicate with the hosts, and, if you haven’t previously, scout the location. Be there early and leave late! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there, find parking, and get to the right place. You might also need to sign up and get a pass.

3.Prepare for the unexpected

Know the agenda and be prepared for the unexpected. Set a program, set lists, timetable, or other documents that outline everything that will happen in the event you are covering, and who will be involved in the event production. You must pay special attention to any modifications or additions to staging, lighting, and blocking during rehearsals and warm-ups to get the best event videos. Busy or hurried event planners and venue managers frequently forget to inform you about last-minute adjustments. Knowing what’s coming and being ready to cover it is one of the keys to covering any live event.

4.Wearing all black

During event coverage, to prevent the performers or the audience from being distracted while you wander around and take your various photographs, you can blend into the background and by dressing entirely in black or a dark colour. When positioning stationary cameras, choose locations that will provide you decent event photograph and unobstructed views for the audience. If you need to put up your tripod among the audience to have the best viewpoint for your event videography plan, if feasible, it is recommended to block the seating area around the camera set. This will prevent people from banging against your tripod. A venue’s regions that are packed with people who are moving, dancing, stomping may become unstable. A tripod that is set up on an unstable surface is useless.

5.Try to get at least two reliable audio sources.

Attempt to connect the AV team with the videographers and obtain at least two dependable audio sources. It will be beneficial for the event video coverage team and the audio engineers to connect before the event, and this will also help in event video editing stage.

6.Take footage with multiple cameras

Event videography shoot with two or three cameras can ensure that you have a lot of creative options in the event video editing phase. Decide what will be covered by each cameraman and keep everyone informed.

7. Cover the entire event

Event videography doesn’t end at just taking videos of the performance or stage solely. Cover the entire event. Any event’s true narrative goes beyond what takes place on stage. Use your camera to get the entire event from beginning to end. As for event photography, even if the performance is the only thing that truly interests you, you should still take a few good photographs of the venue setup, the crowd, the action backstage, and anything else that will help you edit and visually communicate the entire story throughout the event production stage. You can always look for our Video Production services and learn how Flick do the work perfectly and who knows, maybe you will be part of our achievements. We specialize in video production, Event Videography, Event Production, and many other videography services.

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