Advantage of hiring multimedia company vs in house videographer

Why hiring a multimedia company vs in house videographer

By Mohamad AlMardini,

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” – Not by chance this is favorite quote of Warren Buffet, whose net worth is 79 Billion American dollars. Brand video production is not something where you need to focus on solely minimum cost rather than investing in value. Quality video can support a business that provides even most strange product in the market.

Every company’s goal is to stay on top of market place by increasing main factors: brand awareness, sales, customer loyalty, brand advocacy. Strong brand video, created by multimedia company, has advantage to show your audience a genuine nature of name and offers of a company. It would be great if there is universal work for integrating video into a larger business strategy, and each company’s story will be unique.

Having inhouse an experienced videographer can be expensive. And not every company would need them on daily basis. Definitely everyone knows how to use a camera to record a video and you can hand over a task to an existing employee instead of giving to a professional. Eventually, this plan of giving someone without training ends up will waste more time and resources without a reaching a target with a result most likely less than your expectation.

There are clear advantages of hiring independent media production company and help your project to proceed in successful way and ensure that you get a quality you need. In the first place, no paying benefits without having to make a full-time salary with gratuity for it. And this is big amount!

At times look at a project from a different angle with an outside video production team can impact some creativity into your videos, especially if they have marketing knowledge. That will help to realize the idea with necessary “call to action” to a viewer. Mostly an in-house videographer operates with a limited budget. That means there is always something missing to produce a high quantity of videos at the right time. Often, he doesn’t have enough time to add creativity to the video and it usually involves cutting across to get an “OK” video content at the end. Which will present your brand.

Obviously, a business-oriented video production company will have worked on a wide variety of projects and should be able to bring new and fresh contribution to the concept. They can even bring additional resources in to get better and multiple operation done more quickly and in your time frame.

Usually video production companies are perfect at grabbing amazing images, but they aren’t strategists. At their best, they will deliver beautiful acts, and maybe even a well put together edit. At their worst, they are just videographers. Flick is multimedia company, where we are focused on a project’s components from marketing to creative development. -Mohamad AlMardini.

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Why hiring a multimedia company vs in house videographer
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