5 Important Elements to Improve Your Website Design

5 Important Elements to Improve Your Website Design

By Mohamad AlMardini,

Most companies in the market are working hard to enter the competition in a large and effective way among competitors, many companies take care of designing the web site and follow techniques and methods that we will mention in this article. The web site for your company is the first interface that gives a positive or negative impression to customers, so the importance of design is the priority of companies. If you are not satisfied with the appearance or performance of the Website, you should hurry to develop a plan that follows methods and techniques that improve the form and content. One of these methods will be mentioned below:

1. Mobile Friendly

People have begun to use their cell phones increasingly for web surfing in recent years, which is why websites have shifted to a mobile-friendly or responsive interface and why Google began penalizing pages that are not mobile-friendly in 2015. But, if you have a website, you’ve most likely made a sensitive version of it by now—if you haven’t, now is the moment. In terms of SEO, a responsive design would benefit the website and make you rank higher in the SERPs. 80 percent of internet consumers own a smartphone, and according to Google, “61 percent of users are reluctant to return to a mobile platform they had difficulty navigating, while 40 percent visit a competitor’s site instead.” When you make your website mobile-friendly, ensures that any person regardless of the platform they’re using will have the same amazing experience. This increases the trustworthiness of your brand and lets you boost revenue because smartphone shoppers can remain on the platform longer.

2. Page Speed

The speed of the website’s pages is one of the most important factors that affect a visitor’s behavior. It’s also one of the key reasons that a lot of people back away from those websites. In reality, if your load time is more than two seconds during a purchase, your prospective customers are likely to leave their carts, leaving you with one less customer than you began with. You must understand all aspects of the website, not just the visual ones, to enhance web design. One of the easiest ways to enhance consumer experience on your site is to optimize the pages for speed. This will make the site more fun for users. Not just that, but Google would give your site a higher chance of ranking high in search results if they know you have a great user experience for your users. Which means that your SEO is improving as well and the customers are more willing to get back to your pages and visit it again.

The following website optimization ideas to increase the site’s page speed:

  • Photos can be compressed.
  • GIFs that have been compressed
  • Avoid using big, heavy animations.
  • Get the code more readable.

These are just a few ways to improve your website’s page speed. If you need help implementing them, feel free to give us a call at +97145766770

3. Use attractive calls to action

Customers are used to interpreting visual signals to assess which content is most important to them. CTAs that are specifically labelled with an action word make it easier for your website visitors to search your pages and find just what they’re looking for in the places they want to find it. Color and color psychology should be included when making buttons for the website. In an analysis conducted by Maxymiser, researchers have found that by experimenting with colour patterns and action messages, they were able to raise visits to the Laura Ashley website’s checkout area by 11 percent. Similar colors convey various signals. Consider the message you want to send to a recipient (trust, experience, intelligence), and then choose your colors carefully. Think about the words that you will use on the button, use the verbs and action words that attract users to press the button and call you.

4.Use hyperlink differentiation

When you add a link to a website, you’re telling the user that you want them to go there. Be sure the visual stimuli help you identify connections. The reader’s eye is drawn to the underlined and differently colored text, which indicates that this is a page that should be clicked. When create the hyperlinking, don’t forget to consider the length of the phrases on hyperlink. The longer the titles are, the easier they are to recognize.

5. Use images (wisely)

People are becoming better and quicker at evaluating business websites when determining whether or not to continue browsing. When they first come to your site, they can quickly pick out a generic stock picture that they’ve seen somewhere or that resembles the non-personal stock photography type. Using stock photography will undermine confidence and make the brand look bland and unoriginal. Regrettably, these partnerships extend to the company as well. Using photos creatively to promote the content and have a visual break from the text on the website, but make sure they are accurate and non-generic. I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas for making your website more user-friendly without spending a lot of money on a complete redesign. Check out our free guide below for more examples of helpful websites.

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